in industrial mana ... ent phd dissertation, the enjoyment level of life is one of the focused area. in these types of dissertation, it has been understood that even though the organization’s staff being hard worker and put all the effort; the lack of understanding of their responsibilities, their performance will not be ... isfactory in terms of mana ... ent

the employees’ performance means the level of their responsibilities contribution. as a result of industrial mana ... ent phd dissertation the performance mana ... ent is emphasised on the aligning of the whole procedure and performance of the elements that will improve the organization performance

basically, the main objective ofindustrial mana ... ent phd dissertation is to reach the success of performance mana ... ent that will added value to the organization. the main expectation of the research is employees’ improvement that focused on the people affiliation instead of independence

these research usually follow the analytical and descriptive method in accordance to new model creation