one of the subjects studied in the dissertation on private international law is the relationship between international judgment and islamic laws. resolving disputes between the organizations and governments in the world arena would be discussed in the master’s dissertation on private international law. in this dissertation, regarding organizations and corporations, it is not the case for them to being muslim or not, as this approach enables resolving disputes between people of them in the whole world arena, whether they are muslim or not. as this is a master’s dissertation and an islamic-laws oriented research work, possibility of the judgment between an individual of the islamic or non-islamic group or government is of interest. it is inferred from the results of this dissertation that there is general and also exclusive partial relationship between the international judgment and islamic laws. one of the main questions discussed in this dissertation is the relevancy of the international judgment in the islamic laws. results of this dissertation show that in the view of islamic laws, the field of judgment includes resolving disputes appeared between muslim and non-muslims. so the subject of international judgment in the master’s dissertation on law involves arbitration for resolving these disputes. on the other hand, this type of arbitration has been accepted by the islamic law. so it could be stated in the master’s dissertation by a law that in the view of islam, referring the problems between individuals of the group or islamic governments outside the borders of the islamic community is an agreed-upon matter of fact