in the master’s dissertation on business mana ... ent, research is an important phase of the process. in this dissertation, market research has a significant role in the decision-making process. therefore, preparing useful information for doing a good analysis is the main goal of this dissertation. the linkage between consumers, buyers, public, and the marketing managers is usually provided by sharing information. in this dissertation, after data analysis for recognizing opportunities and threats of the market, some solutions are offered in order to create or streamline the marketing activities, a better understanding of the customer’s behavior and finding their shopping habits. it is stated in the dissertation that as a result of growth and development of the digital technologies, including virtual reality simulators, e-commerce and communication facilities in the internet, new techniques are being used for collecting opinions. in the master’s dissertation on business mana ... ent, these techniques and methods are called totally as e-marketing researches. it is said in the dissertation that nowadays, by extensive use of these technologies for marketing researchers, we are witnessing that the task of data analysis is submitted to the senior analyzers who are well familiar with these technologies. as it is said in the master’s dissertation, computers, data extraction applications, internet and search engines are extensively used by the marketing managers and senior experts of the business mana ... ent